MAXPage is a very advanced, cost effective desktop paging console. It is used to send numeric, two-tone or alphanumeric messages to pagers, coaster pagers for the hospitality industry. Saying this, the unit can adapt itself to many different types of messaging scenarios with powerful features such as POCSAG messaging with the built in transmitter, alarm integration, PBX or Telephone system interfacing, RS232 protocol conversion to POCSAG (TAP, PET, SCOPE, TEKK, COMP1, COMP2, ESPA, VISIPLEX), PS2 Keyboard input and Windows interface software. 4 onboard function keys can be used for duress alert functionality or quick automatic messaging to a single recipient or groups of POCSAG devices. PBX / Telephone interface capability allows users to send messages to recipients from any telephone, DECT, VoIP handset that has access to MAXPage. The built in reminder messages make it easy to remember critical tasks that need to be performed throughout the day and these pre programmed messages can be dispatched to staff or can control POCSAG  devices such as relays to turn equipment on and off through the day. Typically used in restaurants, bars, night clubs, cafe, motels, hotels, aged care, independent living units, hospitals, hospitality and more…with a MAXPage unit installed in your facility, you know you are covered.

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MAXPage – Desktop Messaging Console


MAXPage Stand-alone desktop paging terminal with capacity for 1000 recipients, function keys Part Number : [50-6501]

MAXPage software

MAXPage comes standard with software to manage the unit. Software is included

PS2 Keyboard Option

MAXPage has the ability to provide alphanumeric messaging via a PS2 Keyboard port. (Optional) Part Number : [50-6502]

MAXPage PBX Telephone option

MAXPage can be connected to an analogue telephone line so that anyone can dial into the unit to send messages to POCSAG pagers, coasters or devices. (Optional) Part Number : [50-6503]

MAXPAge RS232 Protocol Interface

TAP, ESPA, Visiplex, COMP1, COMP2, SCOPE, TEKK (Optional) Part Number : [50-5604]

MAXPAge 4x alarm inputs

Monitor 4x dry contact alarm inputs (Optional) Part Number : [50-5605]

MAXPage Coaster Pager Receiver

The MAXPage Coaster is used in the hospitality space such as bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels and motels but can also be used to notify any customer that may need to wait for product and or service. Part Number : [50-6506]

MAXPage RT760 Pager

Send messages to traditional RT760 pagers from the MAXPage console

Part Number :

[50-1101 VHF or 50-2101 UHF]

MAXPage 2028 Pager

Send messages to traditional 2028 pagers from the MAXPage console

Part Number :

[50-1501  VHF or 50-2501 UHF]

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