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PACTechnika is your Inovonics Wireless Partner. For nearly 20 years, Inovonics Wireless has provided the best-selling wireless pendants and network infrastructure to help system providers deliver effective and innovative solutions for aged care facilities, hospitals, Police Stations, Schools, Refridgeration, Duress, Security, Community Buildings and more…Our proven, UL 2560 certified EchoStream® network is reliable, flexible and scalable, providing complete campus coverage, enhancing resident satisfaction, improving staff productivity and ensuring that your Inovonics Wireless FUSION system provides timely responses to your recipient needs across an entire campus. As technology partners, we collaborate in the delivery of an effective Inovonics Wireless system that enhances safety and satisfaction and improves productivity.

• Inovonics Wireless provides network infrastructure that delivers alarm and other event information to your application software/hardware.

• We design, integrate, install and support the FUSION system which intelligently interprets Inovonics Wireless alerts and notifies staff, helping to ensure a timely response.

• Wireless FUSION System Solutions may include, Wireless Transmitters, Wireless Pendants, Repeaters, Network Area Control Gateway or Network Coordinator, fixed wireless call stations, mobile wireless call points and pendants, Wireless temperature, Wireless humidity, Wireless CO Sensors, Wireless Smoke sensors and provide communication paths to serial devices. All of this and more on a fully supervised, monitored network for your confidence and efficiency.

For more information on the Inovonics Wireless range, please see more below or send us an email for free evaluations.

Inovonics Spare Parts

PACTechnika carries spare parts for Inovonics pendants, PIRs and more…

Inovonics EN6040-T Network Coordinator

The EN6040-T network coordinator manages signals between end devices, repeaters and the application controller in directed network systems. The EN6040-T network coordinator includes the ACC653 serial and power cable, with tinned leads for UL 2560 compliance.

Inovonics Add On Receiver Modules

The Add On Receiver modules are used to provide high or low level output for system integration. Some Add On Receiver modules comes with onboard relays ready for output isolation and high current load assignment.

World Wide Freight

We can send your product world wide. Please send us an email and we will get back to you promptly...
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fusion middleware appliance product suite

event management module - emm

Event Management Module. A Purpose built control centric with add on high level gateways and web console.

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Intelpage ip5

IntelPage IP 5, also available in 25, 50, 100, 200 watt versions.

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cellular messaging module - cmm

Cellular Messaging Module used to send SMS messages to 3G/4G/5G SIM card devices.

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Alarm Dispatch Module - ADM

The Alarm Dispatch Module can be used in stand alone or network configuration to expand the input capability of the system. The unit is also available with serial RS232 gateway protocols and Terminal Emulators.

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Telephone Interface Module - TIM

The Telephone Interface Module – TIM, is a voice prompted messaging appliance that allows callers to send messages to 3rd party products via voice prompts.

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The Alarm Paging Module is a 16 input stand alone messaging appliance that sends messages to POCSAG devices and one other 3rd party product such SMS, DECT, VoIP and protocols such as TAP (PET/IXO).

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Inovonics / fusion Middleware kits & bundles

At PACTechnika, we understand that sometimes installations need to be done urgently, in a timely manner, with all things considered…so we have come up with some Inovonics Bundles that are easy to understand and install without any fuss. You may be a handy man, integrator, contractor or have a special interest, but with these kits, we make life a little bit easier…

These system bundles are “future proof” and can operate in stand alone mode and would only take a few minutes to get up and running. These system bundles can then integrate with a larger more complete system later on if the need arises. PIRs, Humidity, Temperature, Smoke, CO, Serial, Binary Input devices, LED dome lights, antibacterial antimicrobial call points, anti-ligature pull cords, zone lights and monitored call points are just some of the standard stand out features you can have so you are not wanting more later on. Satisfaction, quick and easy install, attractive stylish design and system expansion when required. See our product data sheets for more information…

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