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The Fusion Middleware Messaging Appliance product suite has been in the market place for a long time. They have become a reliable, robust and trusted solution that can be used in many different high end solutions. With high level interface capability and a vast product port gateway library, it has become an easy choice for end users and integrators alike. Products such as the Event Management Modules (EMM), Cellular Messaging Module (CMM), IntelPageIP (IP5), Alarm Paging Module (APM), Alarm Dispatch Modules (ADM) and Telephone Interface Module (TIM) to name a few, you can be assured of a dependable, quality result with every deployment. Fusion can be used in Hospitality, Hospital, Aged Care, Nursing Homes, ILUs, Security, Access Control, CCTV and Duress industries to reliably and efficiently pass messages from Nurse Call, Fire, Security, CCTV, Access Control, BMS, Energy Management and others, to a recipient that is using pagers, VoIP, DECT, Displays, LED Signs,Whiteboards, Journey Boards and more…

Event Management Module - Messages Screen

The “hub” of the Fusion II series – Integrates with all other Fusion modules. Manages the interfacing between all disparate inputs and outputs. Built-in web client GUI for configuration and two-way messaging. Escalations, common messages, reminder messages and configurable user access rights/privileges.

Event Management Module - EMM

The “hub” of the Fusion series – Integrates with all other Fusion modules. Manages the interfacing between all disparate inputs and outputs.

IntelPageIP POCSAG Transmitter

An IP based network POCSAG paging transmitter available in 5, 25, 50 or 100 Watt versions depending on the site coverage required. Comes with built in protocols such as TAP, PET, ESPA and more…

Alarm Dispatch Module - ADM

Integrate with any device that switches a contact (such as a door sensor) or generates a voltage (such as a warning LED). Each ADM has 16 inputs (32 if input can flash in different modes) and multiple ADM units can be daisy-chained together to expand system capacity. Alarms can be configured as normally open/closed, momentary or latching with configurable delays, recipients and messages.

Cellular Messaging Module - CMM

A GSM/3G messaging appliance able to send or receive SMS (Text) messages.

Fusion II Series - Nurse Call Integration

Nurse Call Integration

The Fusion series products are used in conjunction with nurse call systems to provide extra functionality and better patient care. Whether its connecting to legacy “light and buzzer” nurse call systems using the Fusion ADM, or connecting to modern nurse call systems via their TCP/IP data feeds, the Fusion series products allow critical messages to be sent to almost any wired or wireless device. In an aged care or hospital scenario, pagers are often used due to the low device cost and zero messaging cost. WiFi and DECT devices from manufacturers such as Cisco, Spectralink, Kirk, NEC, Motorola can also be used allowing full two-way messaging and advanced escalation workflows.

Fusion II Series - Mining Emergency Notification


The Fusion series products allow all of your personnel to be setup as contacts with their preferred messaging device. In the event of an emergency, alerts can be manually or automatically broadcast to groups of contacts to quickly take control of any situation. Daily test messages can also be configured to ensure the entire system is operating properly.

Fusion II Series - Industrial Factory Monitoring


The Fusion series products can be used to monitor everything from fire alarm systems to PLC, air conditioning and cooling systems, toxic gas sensors or any other onsite device. Alerts and messages are routed to the appropriate personnel or device depending on the severity and type of alarm.

Fusion II Series - Future Proof

The Fusion II Series is a ‘future proof’ stack of appliances that can be mixed and matched to produce complex solutions in a fast, efficient, embedded, safe and modular way. All the products are tried and tested in all sorts of challenging environments. The Fusion II series allows integrators and clients access to enhanced (already developed) product gateways with the ability to upscale (add more gateways or product) or enhance (software update features) the site solution in the future.

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fusion middleware appliance product suite

event management module - emm

Event Management Module. A Purpose built control centric with add on high level gateways and web console.

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Intelpage ip5

IntelPage IP 5, also available in 25, 50, 100, 200 watt versions.

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cellular messaging module - cmm

Cellular Messaging Module used to send SMS messages to 3G/4G/5G SIM card devices.

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Alarm Dispatch Module - ADM

The Alarm Dispatch Module can be used in stand alone or network configuration to expand the input capability of the system. The unit is also available with serial RS232 gateway protocols and Terminal Emulators.

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Telephone Interface Module - TIM

The Telephone Interface Module – TIM, is a voice prompted messaging appliance that allows callers to send messages to 3rd party products via voice prompts.

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INtelPage IN5

The IntelPage_IN5, also available in 25, 50, 100 and 200 watt versions.

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The Alarm Paging Module is a 16 input stand alone messaging appliance that sends messages to POCSAG devices and one other 3rd party product such SMS, DECT, VoIP and protocols such as TAP (PET/IXO).

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fusion Middleware kits / bundles

At PACTechnika, we understand that sometimes installations need to be done urgently, in a timely manner, with all things considered…so we have come up with some Fusion Middleware Bundles that are easy to understand and install without any fuss. You may be a handy man, integrator, contractor or have a special interest, but with these kits, we make life a little bit easier…

These system bundles are “future proof” and can operate in stand alone mode and would only take a few minutes to get up and running. These system bundles can then integrate with a larger more complete system later on if the need arises. 5 Stage LED dome lights, antibacterial antimicrobial call points, anti-ligature pull cords, zone lights and monitored call points are just some of the standard stand out features you can have so you are not wanting more later on. Satisfaction, quick and easy install, attractive stylish design and system expansion when required. See our product data sheets for more information…

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