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Delivering specialist IT and Health Information Technology Solutions to the Hospitality, Health Care (Acute, Hospitals, Independent Living Units and Aged Care), CCTV and Security industries with 24 years extensive experience in design, programming, commissioning and installation of specialised systems.

market Research

We ensure that we stay up to date by sharing information with our peers and checking this with market activity and Health Information Technology Specialists. We understand the importance of being aware of the market activity however, our solutions to you are tailored to your long term requirements and budgets.

Product marketing

Do you have products and services that you would like PACTechnika to sell? If you want to market your product within this specialised area, contact our sales department on sales@pactechnika.com.au. We have a national network of strategic partners in the same fields with passion for what they do. Be confident that your product will be well looked after…increase your market penetration today…

Business Plan

Using market intel and together with your individual specifications and product requirements, we tailor a solution and business plan for you, ensuring we take into account your long and short term goals…

Acute Care and Hospital Systems

Installations, ongoing support, service and spare parts for Nurse Call Systems, Messaging, Infotainment, Telephony, Pagers, Displays and Falls Prevention…

– PACTechnika.

Aged Care Facility

Installations, ongoing support and spare parts for Nurse Call Systems, Messaging, Infotainment, Telephony, Pagers, DECT, Displays, Out of Bed, Falls Prevention, Reporting and VoIP…

– PACTechnika.

Telephony Installations.

Installation, Programming, Spare Parts and ongoing support for Telephone Systems, DECT and VoIP…

– PACTechnika.

Hospital Infotainment Solutions

If you are looking for the latest in Hospital Infotainment Solutions, look no further…Clinicall Infotainment Systems, Nurse Call Integration, IP TV, Meals Ordering, Radio, Audio Books, Video on Demand, Sky, Social Media, Video Conferencing, Touch Screens, Pocket Pad Tablet PC, Hospital Records, Room Service, Parallel large screen deployment and much much more…right at the bedside.

Low Voltage (LV) Power Supplies

We have a wide range of power supplies including battery backup units for all systems. We also fabricate enclosures to suit all requirements. A good power source is essential for optimal system performance. Do not leave this to chance. Our dedicated power management board for embedded appliances with dedicated 12vdc and 5vdc power rails ensures the protection you require for your projects and systems alike. Call us now for all your Low Voltage power needs.

Inovonics Supervised Wireless

For nearly 20 years, Inovonics has provided the best-selling wireless pendants and network infrastructure to help system providers deliver effective and innovative solutions for wireless applications in a fully supervised, monitored, reliable and robust method.

Business Strategy

At PACTechnika we focus on service, ease of doing business with you, and long term goals and investments.


We appreciate order and do all we can to make operations easier and more efficient. Work smarter.


Technology is our forte’, we are excited about technology and enjoy how technology can streamline your business work flow.

Product Design

We have standard products out our disposal but if you are looking for custom products, we have a full design team available.

Our Process

PACTechnika processes of engagement…

1. Inquiry

We take time to understand your request and are prompt in our response….

2. Case Study

We build a case study based on your information and our extensive experience…

3. Research

Our proposal to you will allow for options using the latest technology, however also ensure that the solution integrates with current systems and can be serviced and maintained, providing confidence long term…

4. Launch

After careful consideration of your needs and post discussions of all options, we work with you to ensure our solutions are implemented within your timeframes..

leading products

We can support the following products and systems…

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