Smart Solution provider to the Hospitality, HealthCare, Security, CCTV, ICT and Public Safety Industries with over 24+ years experience….

We provide sales, service and support for the following,

Nurse Call

Acute Care, Hospital, Home Care and Aged Care Nurse Call including Messaging and Hospital TV Systems – including after sales service, support and spare parts. Manage multiple sites from one location. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.


CCTV Systems including cameras, PTZ, monitors, remote apps and after sales service, messaging displays, motion detection, infrared, support and spare parts. Multiple site management.  Software solutions for remote diagnostics.

Reporting and Analysis

Logging of key system metrics obtained for system analysis and analytics. Detailed reports and simple dashboard layouts make it easy to manage multiple sites.

Access Control

Access Control Systems including after sales service, support and spare parts. Multiple site management.

Preventative Maintenance

Testing of all system components including software and peripheral devices whilst on site to the cloud and also time and date stamped to improve reporting.


Security Systems including after sales service, support and spare parts. Multiple site management. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.


Mobile DECT and VoIP telephony can make a systems work flow more efficient by providing key information at your finger tips in the form of messaging and voice communications. Now with built in Duress Alarm Buttons.


Critical Messaging

 Fusion Series Critical Messaging Software and Hardware, Mobile Apps, Pagers, 3G 4G SMS Messaging, 3rd Party Integration, Protocol Integration, High Level and Low Level input and output gateways, Fire, BMS, Security, Access Control, 7 Colour Digital Displays, CCTV, including after sales service and support. Hospital Infotainment Solutions. Fusion EMM CCM and Enterprise are centric appliances used for critical emergency duress messaging.

falls prevention

Out of Bed Sensors Mats, Occupancy Sensors, Wireless Pendants, Floor Sensor Mats, Dementia Care, Movement Sensors, Activity Monitors, InBed Sensors, Specialty Pendants, Chair Sensors and more including Home Care products for extended acute care situations or peace of mind…

duress / emergency calling

We have equipment and knowhow to notify on site or remote persons and equipment to accurately and reliably advise of a critical event on your site or personal duress alarm. Look after your staff, yourself, parents, children or loan care workers with Wireless Mobile Staff/Personnel Duress Buttons and more.

Settle for more

Don’t settle for second best…make sure you understand what you are seeking…don’t pay too much…


We take the time to listen to all your needs and help you find the best solutions…


We provide solutions based on your criteria and budget and present you with smart proposals, utilising the latest technology…


We ensure that we look after your immediate needs and also look to give you options to future proof parts of your systems for system expansion and enhancement…

Plan for a better Future

At PACTechnika, we plan your Preventative Maintenance, Service, Upgrades and Enhancements based on your current requirements and always look for better solutions for the future…

Plan for your facility, system or product to be looked after thoroughly…


71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

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Delivering Specialist IT and Health Information Technology Solutions to the Hospitality, Health Care (Acute, Hospitals, Home Care and Aged Care), CCTV and Security industries with 24+ years of extensive experience in design, programming and installation of specialised systems.

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What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
Due to a broad range of products that we supply, install and maintain and the fact that they are used within all of the following industries, we specialise in Hospitality, Health Care, Access Control, Security, CCTV and Public Safety businesses.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
Yes, we offer long term service contracts and preventative maintenance offerings.
Do you offer spare parts?
Yes, we have a large range of spare parts for new and old systems and products.
Do you sell and service DECT Phones?
Yes, PACTEchnika sell and service all leading brands of DECT phones including Spectralink, Polycom, Kirk, Mitel, Panasonic, LG and more…
Do you sell and service VoIP phones and solutions?
Yes, we were one of the first companies to integrate with a VoIP deployment in Victoria using Spectralink hardware. We sell, support and service all leading brands including, Spectralink, Cisco, Mitel and more…
Do you sell, support and service alpha numeric pocket pagers?
Yes, we do. We also sell numeric and tone only pagers and have extensive experience in all things RF including pagers, transmitters, base stations, repeaters, data loggers and more…
What types of systems do you support?
Nurse Call, Security, Access Control, CCTV, Public Safety, Duress, Emergency Call, Home Care, Reporting, Apps, Smart Phone Technologies, Radio, Two Way Radio, Messaging, Paging, PA, Telephony, DECT, VoIP and more…
Do you freight your products to interstate / international destinations?
Yes, we ship to all states of Australia and World Wide. Just send us your shipping details when sending through your orders.
We have some frequently asked questions and answers shown opposite but we are hear to help so…

…if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us…

leading products

We can support the following products and systems…

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